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Alcohol Facts

CADA has compiled the most current and accurate information available to date on alcohol. We encourage responsible alcohol behaviour.

Facts about alcohol

Feb 07, 2013
Fact: Those who begin drinking before the age of 15 are 4 times more likely to develop alcohol dependence (alcoholism) than those who wait until the age of 21.

Fact: The adolescent brain is more sensitive to the reward chemicals that are released by drugs and alcohol. As a result, early alcohol use sets into motion lifelong cravings for alcohol.

Fact: Children in families with alcoholic members are at a higher risk for alcoholism.

Fact: Drinking alcohol to forget your worries or escape your problems is a warning sign for problem drinking.

Fact: 1 out of every 7 people who drink becomes addicted (alcoholism)

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Did You Know?

If you get into an accident while driving drunk, your insurance wont cover you or your vehicle it will only cover the third party. View all facts

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