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April 2009, CADA Chairman speaks to the Hamilton Rotary Club about Personal Responsibility

Apr 07, 2009

On Tuesday April 7th 2009, CADA's Chairman Anthony Santucci spoke to the Hamilton Rotary Club about...

Alcohol Awareness Month 2009 launched in a spectacular and impactful way

Apr 01, 2009

On Tuesday April 1st 2009, CADA used 13 caskets to represent the 70% of people who died on Bermuda's roads in 2008 as a result of alcohol or drugs.

CADA partners with Young Bermudian Rap Artist

Aug 01, 2007

In 2007, a 17yr old Bermudian wrote a great rap song which talks about why drinking and driving affects us all. Richard Zuill, or 'RRZ' sent this great song to CADA, we loved it and we decided to use it for our 2007 Don't Drink and Drive radio commercials.

Wrecked Cars Initiative - the importance of not drinking and driving

Apr 27, 2007

In April 2007, The Centre for Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention (CADA) put in place a bold initiative to help drive home the possible consequences of drinking and driving. Working closely with the Bermuda Police Service, the Ministry of Works and Engineering and HWP, CADA identified locations around Bermuda and strategically placed severely damaged cars in these areas overnight.

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