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Always using Bus, Cab or Designated Driver

Dec 01, 2012

The vast majority of deaths on Bermuda’s roads involve alcohol or drugs

If you plan to consume alcohol, put a plan in place to get home safely. Put this plan in place before you leave home.

Put the phone numbers of cab drivers you know into your cell phone and when you are ready to go home call them. Or, before you go out arrange for a cab driver to collect you from an agreed place at an agreed time.

Or, take the bus.

Or, arrange for someone in your party who is not drinking to be your designated driver.

Remember ABCD – Always use Bus, Cab or Designated Driver. 

Here is a recent example.....A few weeks ago CADA received a phone call from a lady enquiring ahead of time about arranging safe transportation home for her and her friends following her birthday party which was taking place the next week. She was initially interested in utilizing CADA's Let Us Drive service which operates every Friday night but we had to inform her that Let Us Drive currently only operates from 3:15am - 3:45am. However, CADA did direct her to local cab companies who subsequently arranged for three cabs to be in place at the end of her birthday party to take her and her guests home, for a prearranged price. That's responsible alcohol behavior.

There are many ways you can practise responsible alcohol behavior, there are many great examples and stories, we welcome your stories, why don't you contact us via this website and share how you practise responsible alcohol behavior.


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