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Entertaining Responsibly

Dec 03, 2012

When you entertain, there are many things you can do to practise responsible alcohol behavior and to create a fun but safe enviroment at your party. You can....

Recommend guests leave their cars and bikes at home
Tell them you have cab drivers numbers and will call them at the end of the night, or your designated driver will get them home safely

Have at least one designated driver
This can be you or one of your guests, pre-arrange this ahead of time

Use a bartender
A bartender can measure drinks and "cut off" those who indulge too much.

Serve food
Food slows alcohol absorption

Offer non-alcoholic beverages
Serve interesting non-alcoholic drinks

As the host, limit your drinking so that you remain prepared to handle any issues and to help keep your guests safe
Encourage conversation and activities
Give your guests something to do besides drink

Close the bar early
Offer "last call" early well before the party ends

Call a cab to take your guests home
Have several cab drivers numbers handy and call them at the end of the night or pre-arrange this ahead of time

Use your designated driver to take your guests home

Very last resort, take your guests car keys
Do this if neccessary. Whatever you do, don't let them drive if they have been drinking


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Did You Know?

A licensee may refuse to admit, or may expel, any person who is drunk or behaving in a disorderly manner. View all facts