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CADA is a registered Bermuda charity whose goal is to encourage responsible alcohol behavior. Specifically some of our goals are to:
Reduce the incidence of under-age drinking; Reduce the incidence of drinking and driving; Increase the community's awareness about responsible alcohol behavior; Increase the life skills of Bermuda's youth; Reduce the incidence of illegal alcohol sales and service

CADA currently operates four programs to accomplish these vital goals: TIPS, Life Skills, Let Us Drive and Community Awareness.

Life Skills program

Feb 07, 2013

For 5-18yr olds.

CADA's Life Skills Program is a comprehensive, positive youth development program designed to cultivate capable and healthy young people of strong character through life skills, character education and drug and alcohol prevention. It is an evidence- based program. The objective of this program is to change thinking and behavior. The interactive teaching methods include: facilitation; feedback; coaching; and behavior rehearsal. Session topics include: peer pressure; decision making skills; healthy and unhealthy habits; the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs; refusal skills; managing stress, anger and other emotions; healthy relationships; family communications; work ethic and responsibility. This program can cater to youth from 5-18yrs old.

In 2012, 78 youth aged between 11-15yrs old completed this important program.

Since 2006, a grand total of 563 youth aged between 5-15yrs old have completed this important program.

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Did You Know?

Bermuda law states that it is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to someone that is already drunk View all facts