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About Us

Mar 29, 2007

CADA has been in existence for more than 35 years, having been founded in the early 1970’s by two gentlemen from Alcoholics Anonymous who wanted to be in a position to speak outside of their anonymity on the issues regarding alcohol and the struggles that families have in this regard as well as the overall impact of alcohol abuse on the community.

The CADA Board

Sep 18, 2009

CADA has 7 board members who guide and shape the direction of the organisation

CADA Chairman, Anthony Santucci

Sep 18, 2009

CADA's Chairman is Anthony W. Santucci. Mr. Santucci has held this position since 2004

CADA Board Member, Lillian Veri

Sep 14, 2009

Ms. Lillian Veri has been a CADA Board Member since 2006.
Ms. Lillian Veri has an MBA from the University of Toronto and had a career in the IT field from computer programming, project management to facilitation and management consulting. She considers herself fortunate to have had clients and assignments in the UK, Europe, and North America across various industries. In the 1990s, while in Canada, Ms. Veri served on the board of Adventure Place, a charitable child and family early intervention agency accredited by Children’s Mental Health Ontario.
Lillian’s avocation is acting, directing and producing (in that order); she has attended the Central School of Speech and Drama in London, UK. Lillian has also served on the Bermuda Musical and Dramatic Society (BMDS) Board and 2 condominium association boards. Another passion is her love of languages and of travel. Lillian is married to Fred Klinkhammer and they are both honoured to call Bermuda their new home and be active participants in the community.

CADA Board Member, Brenda-June (Beejay) Millett

Feb 05, 2009

Brenda-June Millett is CADA’s youngest board member, she is 23 years old. She has been with CADA since 2007.

Brenda-June, or Beejay as she prefers to be called, has so far led a life full of volunteerism, she was firstly a St. Johns Cadet and then for 4 years she was a Candy Striper with the Hospitals Auxiliary of Bermuda, working her way up to the esteemed position of Head Candy Striper.

She enjoys working with people especially children. As a CADA board member she has helped run our annual Cup Match Campaigns by giving out hundreds of specially labeled bottles of water at Cup Match reminding the public of the dangers of drinking and driving and reminding the public to Always use Bus, Cab or Designated driver.

Did You Know?

Bermuda law states that if you sell or serve alcohol to someone that is under the age of 18 you could be fined up to $10,000.00 View all facts