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CADA Chairman Speaks to Hamilton Rotarians about Sobriety Checkpoints, April 2012

Apr 11, 2012

CADA Chairman Anthony Santucci, spoke to the Hamilton Rotarians, April 11 2012 about roadside sobriety checkpoints. Some of the points he made were...

"I would now like to spend a few minutes talking about roadside sobriety check points – what are they, how do they work, and what results can they achieve?

Roadside sobriety checkpoints are temporary or mobile installations set up by the local police department, usually late at night or during the early hours of the morning – when the majority of road traffic fatalities are recorded.

The police decide ahead of time that every nth vehicle will be stopped. In other words, the police decide ahead of time that they will stop every 10th vehicle, or every 20th vehicle. Once that decision has been made, the checkpoint begins.

The driver of each vehicle stopped is roadside breath tested.

If the roadside test is good, i.e. not above the legal limit of alcohol, the person is quickly moved on. We like to say, “You’re stopped, you blow, if you’re good, you go.”

If however the roadside breath test shows at or above a certain level of alcohol, the person is transported to the Police Station or to the Police Command Vehicle for the fully calibrated alcohol breathalyzer machine test.

This process is called “non-selective testing”. Non-selective, because it is non-discriminatory, there is no room for profiling in any way. It is an entirely impartial, unbiased, process."

To see a full copy of CADA's position paper on Roadside Sobriety Checkpoints click here

Calendar of Events for Alcohol Awareness Month 2012

Apr 06, 2012

Thursday March 29th: Kicking off Alcohol Awareness Month via a Proclamation Ceremony in Par-La-Ville Park, see photos

Thursday March 29th: Announcing the winner of CADA’s Youth Video Competition, see winning video

Saturday March 31st: Operating CADA Interactive Educational Booth at the Argus Health Expo

Sunday April 1st: Placing signs and banners up all over the island to raise community awareness of responsible alcohol behavior

Sunday April 1st: Launch of daily video campaign. During the month of April, CADA will display a new video each day with key members of our community responding to one or more of the following questions: "What Are the Benefits of Sobriety Checkpoints?", "How Can We Prevent Underage Drinking?", "What Can Be Put In Place To Continue To Change Bermuda’s Culture Towards Alcohol?" Click here to see today’s video

Thursday April 5th: CADA’s Annual Tag Day, see some photos of our wonderful Tag Day Volunteers!!

Friday April 6th: CADA partnering with CARIFTA. CARIFTA has kindly agreed to display CADA banners and CADA TV ads during these games, thank you CARIFTA team!!

Tuesday April 10th: CADA will be speaking to Hamilton Rotarians about sobriety checkpoints, how they operate and the results they can achieve

Wednesday April 11th: CADA’s Open House see photos from April 11th Open House from 3:00pm until 6:00pm, please stop by and learn more about what we do, the goals we are working towards, and the legislative changes we are lobbying for. We are located on the 3rd floor, Suite 307 of the Melbourne Building on the corner of Victoria Street and Parliament Street, just down from the Hamilton Pharmacy, it is the light blue building with the dark blue shutters, and we look forward to meeting you and to seeing you then.

Monday April 23rd: Launch of the Know Alcohol Day Quiz, find out how much you know by taking our Quiz and win a great prize!! You may enter the Quiz online at our website Additional entry forms can be picked up from CADA’s office, address as above. Entry forms will also be available in the Royal Gazette

Friday April 27th: Is Know Alcohol Day!! Join the CADA board and staff at Crow Lane as we wave to commuters as they drive in to Hamilton, we would love to have you join us!! We will also be holding an Island Wide Grub Day at various island schools, to raise money for CADA’s programs. Additionally, island-wide, bartenders will be asked to wear CADA t-shirts to celebrate Know Alcohol Day. Also, CADA will be distributing 1000’s of napkins to bars and restaurants all over the island with special Know Alcohol Day messages

Friday May 4th: Quiz winners will be announced in The Royal Gazette

CADA Announces Winner of Youth Video Competition CADA video

Mar 29, 2012

The winner is...

Berkeley Institute Peer Helpers:
Naquan Smith
Crai-Che Hall
Deken Saunders
Chenzira Flood
Deesa Booth
And edited by Tashel Bean

Congratulations to you all!!

CADA is very pleased to announce these winners of our Youth Video Competition. CADA created a video competition aimed at young people for young people. We believe teens and pre-teens will embrace messages from their peers about the importance of abstaining from alcohol use. We would like to thank all those who entered this competition.

The topic of the video was, "What children and teens can do to prevent alcohol use amongst their friends and why this is important"

CADA Successfully Completes Life Skills Program with Berkeley Students

Dec 08, 2011

8-session program completed at Berkeley Institute with a group of 20 beautiful students.

This program was completed on December 15th 2011, it consisted of 8 Life Skills sessions including such topics as:

- The 4 main challenges of adolescence
- How to deal with your feelings
- How to resist pressure to use alcohol or drugs
- Setting goals for your life

FOR ADULTS ONLY! Summer Campaign

Jul 14, 2011

The average age for drinking alcohol regularly - 14 years old - Bermuda student survey.

CADA, during a joint press conference on July 14, 2011, launched its summer alcohol awareness campaign. CADA Chairnan Mr. Anthony Santucci said, “I am pleased to be here to talk about the summer alcohol awareness campaign which we are launching today. The print campaign is aimed at adults and is called “For Adults Only”. With the support of our Sponsors, Bermuda Blue Printing, Lindo’s Group of Companies, AF Smith and the Bermuda Post Office, 28,000 of these information cards FOR ADULTS ONLY! Summer Flyer will be delivered to every household in Bermuda. The information detailed here explains why it is important to keep alcohol out of the hands of children and young people.


New Laws CADA Is Proposing for Bermuda CADA video

Apr 12, 2011

CADA would like to highlight the legislative initiatives successfully lobbied to date and to detail further legislative initiatives we would like to see adopted in Bermuda.

Let’s look at the successes first. In 2007, CADA was tasked by the Department for National Drug Control to form a Legislation Committee to review the Liquor License Act 1974 and provide a report of recommendations to update the Act. CADA invited a number of organizations to be represented on the committee. They included: insurance companies, the faith community, Bermuda Chamber of Commerce, various entertainment organizations, the hospitality industry and The Road Safety Council.

From January to June 2008 this committee met on an intensive basis and in July 2008 the Final Report was complete. In part, from that Final Report the most recent amendments to the Liquor License Act were made via the Liquor License Amendment Act of 2010. Some of these amendments include:

• Making TIPS certification for all managers, supervisors and persons in charge of bars at on-premise licensed premises mandatory as of the date of June 1, 2011. TIPS is a one day certification program on the responsible selling and serving of alcohol in licensed establishments.

• Giving the Bermuda Police Service the power to close down licensed premises for up to 24 hours in the event of serious disorder or a threat to public safety.

• Making it a requirement that after gaining membership in a members club, a new member must wait 48 hours before he/she can legally use the clubs facilities.

CADA is extremely pleased with the progress made to date and looks forward to lobbying for these additional legislative initiatives which also stem from the 2008 Final Report:

Alcohol Awareness Month 2011 launched CADA video

Mar 31, 2011

March 30 2011 on the Steps of City Hall

CADA in conjunction with goverment Ministers, key stakeholders, schools and members of the public successfully launched April 2011 as Alcohol Awareness Month.

Freddy The Drug Free Frog with CADA at the Island Soccer League CADA video

Jun 24, 2010

Freddy stole the show as the goalkeeper during the 'Bend It Like David' event at the Island Soccer League, earlier this year.

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