Encouraging Responsible Alcohol Behavior

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Alcohol Facts

CADA has compiled the most current and accurate information available to date on alcohol. We encourage responsible alcohol behaviour.

Facts about alcohol

Facts about alcoholism

Facts about enabling

Why Adults Need to Talk with Young People about Alcohol

Facts about drinking and driving

How you can help the alcoholic

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These statistics come from Bermuda government reports; Bermuda government surveys; Bermuda Police Service reports and from international organizations.

Statistics for Road Deaths in Bermuda

Statistics on Youth and Alcohol in Bermuda

Statistics for Road Traffic Collisions In Bermuda


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Liquor Laws

Bermuda’s Liquor Laws

CADA has listed the most pertinent Bermuda Laws that relate to alcohol issues

Laws for Alcohol and Driving in Bermuda

New Laws CADA Is Proposing for Bermuda

Laws for Licensed Establishments


Did you know?

Facts about alcohol and Bermuda’s alcohol laws

“In a licensed establishment, if you can't produce satisfactory ID proving you are 18 or older, you can be refused service ”

“If you get into an accident while driving drunk, your insurance wont cover you or your vehicle it will only cover the third party.”

“A licensee can refuse to admit someone into their establishment if that person is drunk or behaving in a disorderly manner”

“A licensee may refuse to admit, or may expel, any person who is drunk or behaving in a disorderly manner. ”

“Bermuda law states that it is legal to continue drinking alcohol for only 30 minutes after the permitted closing time. ”

“Bermuda law states that if you allow someone under the age of 18 into your Night Club or your Class B licensed bar you could be fined up to $10,000.00 ”

“Bermuda law states that if you sell or serve alcohol to someone that is under the age of 18 you could be fined up to $10,000.00”

“Bermuda law states that it is illegal to sell or serve alcohol to someone that is already drunk”

“Bermuda law states that if you try to use an ID, which is found to be false, you can be fined.”