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CADA is a registered Bermuda charity whose goal is to encourage responsible alcohol behavior. Specifically some of our goals are to:
Reduce the incidence of under-age drinking; Reduce the incidence of drinking and driving; Increase the community's awareness about responsible alcohol behavior; Increase the life skills of Bermuda's youth; Reduce the incidence of illegal alcohol sales and service

CADA currently operates four programs to accomplish these vital goals: TIPS, Life Skills, Let Us Drive and Community Awareness.

Life Skills program

Feb 07, 2013

For 5-18yr olds.

CADA's Life Skills Program is a comprehensive, positive youth development program designed to cultivate capable and healthy young people of strong character through life skills, character education and drug and alcohol prevention. It is an evidence- based program. The objective of this program is to change thinking and behavior. The interactive teaching methods include: facilitation; feedback; coaching; and behavior rehearsal. Session topics include: peer pressure; decision making skills; healthy and unhealthy habits; the harmful effects of alcohol and drugs; refusal skills; managing stress, anger and other emotions; healthy relationships; family communications; work ethic and responsibility. This program can cater to youth from 5-18yrs old.

In 2012, 78 youth aged between 11-15yrs old completed this important program.

Since 2006, a grand total of 563 youth aged between 5-15yrs old have completed this important program.

Community Awareness program

Feb 01, 2013

CADA conducts media campaigns and public awareness campaigns designed to increase the community's awareness of responsible alcohol behavior.

T.I.P.S. Responsible Alcohol Sales & Service

Jan 31, 2013

TIPS training program.

TIPS stands for Training for Intervention Procedures. Participants leave this training equipped to:

• Spot underage drinkers and prevent alcohol sales to minors
• Intervene quickly and assuredly in potential problem situations
• Understand the difference between people enjoying themselves and those getting into trouble with alcohol
• Handle alcohol related situations with greater confidence
• Use proven strategies to prevent alcohol related problems

TIPS trainings are now available for registering, click here to register Spaces are given on a first paid, first served basis. Each establishment, or group of establishments, may register up to seven people for each training session, depending on availability of spaces.

All trainings take place at The Leopards Club on Cedar Avenue. You must pre-register.

As of June 2011, TIPS certification became mandatory for managers, supervisors and persons in charge of bars at on-premise licensed facilities. To view this section of the Bermuda Liquor License Act click here Section 39B of Bermuda Liquor License Act

To view the entire Bermuda Liquor License Act click here Bermuda Liquor License Act

If you are not comfortable registering online you may register by mail. To register by mail: Cheques must be received by CADA at least 11 days before date of training. Fill out the mail-in registration form, make cheque payable to CADA and mail it (NO DROP OFFS ) to CADA at:


Spaces will be given on a first paid, first served basis. Each establishment, or group of establishments, may register up to seven people for each training session, depending on availability of spaces.

There will be NO refunds for cancellations, late arrivals or no shows.

In 2012, 327 managers, owners and supervisors participated in this training.

Since 2006, 1,663 managers, owners and supervisors have participated in this training

Let Us Drive free late night transportation service

Jan 15, 2013

In operation from 3:15am-3:45am every Friday night.

CADA, in partnership with Lead Sponsor Bacardi Limited and Silver Supporting Sponsors Gosling's and Burrows Lightbourn Ltd plus Bronze sponsor the City of Hamilton, is proud to provide their free, late-night transportation service Let Us Drive from Reid Street outside the LOM Building.

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